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2014-04-17 23:09Z

You Have a Voice

A mailing list for Seventh-day Adventists who love present truth

This world is being changed by the new networking. Our great controversy planet, scene of the ultimate conflict between good and evil, teams with its six billion. Every day tens of thousands are making their first connection with the internet. No longer can middle-men function as gate-keepers; we network with each other, communicate, directly. Some have gathered in other places on other mailing lists to express to one another their doubts. The GCOList is a place where Seventh-day Adventists who uphold the Third Angel’s Message can gather in upholding the faith. Over 200 (March 2005 count) from all parts of the world subscribe. What are some of the benefits they experience?

  1. How often those who felt they were standing alone against the tide rejoice at discovering that there are others—many others— believing and thriving.
  2. The list provides a ready place to interchange ideas, both at points of concern and also regarding positive developments.
  3. The list provides those with our point of view with a rapid communications network, opening the way for rapid response to misguided developments.
  4. One function of the list is that it keeps the community updated with reference to new items published by GreatControversy.org on the website or in print (here are the goals of our ministry).
  5. List members share their experience, ask counsel of other believers, and sometimes join together to exert positive influence with reference to certain challenges facing the denomination.

Subscribers can limit themselves to reading and listening, or jump in and send e-mail to everyone on the list. Some ways the list is used. List traffic varies considerably. We hope you’ll join the list and see what its like. You can always unsubscribe if it turns out to be different than your expectations. (Your subscriber address is never sold or shared by us outside the GreatControversy.org ministry.)

Join GCOList.