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Dissolution or Revolution?


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Design a Church for the End-times

Can we try to think from God's standpoint for a few minutes? The Protestant Reformation stalled and you are raising up a movement, a revitalization of the Reformation, developing a group who will complete the Reformation. You've worked it all out prophetically, but then this question: how do you organize the church for the end-time? You see ahead because Your eye is divine. You know the philosophical waves and eddies coming up. You see beforetime the rise of human reason, of radical individualism, of the narcissistic, self-serve final age. Out of that froth of self-satisfied psychedelic end-time blindness, you are going to raise up a people. Not just any people, but you are creating a group that will endure through the last age.

How do you do it?

How do you design it?

What do you create? With what thoughts and ideas do you impress these people, this last-day, test tube laboratory, experimental people? How do you create an organization that will endure crisis after crisis, satanic ploy after Satanic ploy?

Interesting questions. Now, some will not like this, but we have posed the question and I will tell you the answer.