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Episode Guest Title Length Topic
20191015 Gerry Wagoner 2019 Annual Council Report 3 14:20 AC 2019, Compliance Results, President Voice Results
20191014 Gerry Wagoner 2019 Annual Council Report 2 9:16 AC 2019, Compliance Process Document Distributed etcetera
20191013 Gerry Wagoner 2019 Annual Council Report 1 17:55 AC 2019, Voice for AC Host Division Presidents Issue
20191004 Holly Joers WCAS Update Sept 2019 20:16 WCAS, World Church Affirmation Sabbath
20190929 Alvaro Sauza The Root of Feminist and Queer Theology 20:59 Liberation Theology, Feminist Theology, Queer Theology, Women's Ordination
20190920 Wayne Blakely Current Snapshot: LGBT Issues in the Church 20:58 LGBT, GSA, Adventist Universities
20190914 Holly Joers What is WCAS? 21:50 WCAS, Nameless Network, Church Governance, Lay involvement
20190902 Norman McNulty Is Antitrinitarianism Present Truth? 15:00 Trinity, Godhead
20190826 David Read SJW Anger: Coming to Church? 17:27 Cultural Marxism, Social Justice Warriorism