Larry Kirkpatrick

A Positive Place on the Web for the Third Angel's Message

About (GCO) is one of the earliest Seventh-day Adventist websites. It has existed online in some form since 1997. The goal is to be a positive place on the web for the Third Angel's Message (See Revelation 14).

The phrase "Great Controversy" originates with The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan, a book written by E.G. White and originally published in the 1880s. That volume provides the single most comprehensive and cohesive description of God's work from New Testament through final prophetic fulfillment. has hosted an online version of the book but for now you can investigate the book online at this link: THE GREAT CONTROVERSY BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN. This extraordinary volume guides the reader through a historic Protestant understanding of the end-time sequence as foretold especially in the Bible's prophecies in Daniel and Revelation.

How the site is organized

The Homepage is organized into four primary spaces:

Jesus or Nothing Blog: This is the site blog. It's a new feature (2018) and will sort itself out over this year.

Video Presentations: This space on the site is where we normally feature Sabbath sermons recorded as well as seminar presentations held wherever we present them. We only have some video; not every sermon is videorecorded, so do not expect a comprehensive set.

Feature: The feature section is normally videos or written articles and includes a wide variety of things. Not everything here is strictly religious or strictly Adventist.

Written Sermons: This is core content for this site. Many year's worth of my sermons are available as far back as I have them.

The left sidebar includes additional sections including Resources, where some of the things that might not fit well in other places go.