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Daily Devotional Sharing Video: At Dawn with Pastor Larry

August 26, 2020 will be exactly one year since I published my first “The Final Movements webcast” (TFM) video. In the

past twelve months I have published 28 webcasts on Vimeo, ranging mostly from two to twenty one minutes in length. The video quality of the first webcasts was crude but has improved. My goal was to spend a year learning from scratch how to record, edit and publish videos. We will continue to publish new TFM webcasts.

I have kept my material mostly on Vimeo as it is less prominent and prone to censorship. Nevertheless, starting August 26, I plan to publish a short, simple, daily devotional video on YouTube every day at 5:00AM Eastern Time. My channel there is called “Larry the Guy from Michigan.”

These videos will be short, simple, and suitable for sharing with Christians, non-Christians, and Adventists. These basic devotionals will be less than five minutes long. They can help start your day, but more importantly, should help interested persons as a kind, Bible-based introduction to Christian spirituality. My hope is that these short sharing videos will serve as a means of spiritual awakening, helping us forge stronger connections with others. When people in their hearts long to follow Jesus, the Spirit of God can help them hunger and thirst for Jesus’ present truth.