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As God led me to Himself, He put a love for truth in my heart. Apart from Him, the only love that would there live would be love for self indulgence. Jesus denied Himself and died for me, even me. His life was given to give to me life. I didn't deserve it or earn it or aspire to it apart from Him. He came to me asking, "Larry, where are you?"

My first commitment is to my Lord Jesus who gave all for me. But He is also the way, the truth, and the life. He is Creator and I am creation. Then when He shows me truth, I must seek it. I must be propelled by it. I will have it at all costs. It is part of being a Christian.

But I live in a circus. People on every side are tossing plastic glitter into the air proclaiming what they claim is right. Christians too. But our values must have their sou...



The Lost Virtue of Humility



Microaggressions in Medicine?

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The Lost Virtue of Humility

We live in an advanced age. We have our screens, our conveniences, [we are] very wise, very special. Christianity is so old, so pale, so uninteresting. We are located in a culture in which civility has fallen to the ground before our eyes. We don't need Jesus or His archaic, pestilential religion.

So some think. But Jesus possesses many things of which we are destitute. Jesus has virtues many can't even list, let alone have the mastery of.