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NAD, Earned Trust, and Annual Council 2018

Trust is earned. Distrust can arise from many sources, among them distrust rooted in specific concrete actions. Looking across the internetscape, what I think I see is a great disconnect for many chuurch leaders in North America. They simply don't understand why such a broad crosssection of NAD membership distrusts them.

I would like to offer a few constructive and positive suggestions as to how North American Division leadership can take steps to earn trust all over again.



The Life which I Now Live



Gender Identity: Can a 5'9, White Guy Be a 6'5, Chinese Woman?

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All our Righteousnesses, part 2

Two Questions

Let's begin with a question. Isaiah 64:6 KJV: Are "All our righteousnesses" "as filthy rags"?

Isaiah says, Yes. Then question two: Is it impossible, in this age, for us fallen humans, to do righteous acts?

Let's study.