Larry Kirkpatrick

A Positive Place on the Web for the Third Angel's Message

In years past, has been a 501c3 ministry. Doing ministry that way entailed considerable record keeping and government form filling-out. We were led to change our approach and discontinue the ministry in that formalized mode. All those previous assets have gone over to Philippians Two Five Publishing, which has better distribution channels than GCO ever did.

NOTE: The work for which the Church employs me is pastoral ministry. All other activities are strictly secondary and must be accomplished in my personal time.

While is no longer a non-profit corporation, I am operating the website as I did before it was made a formalized ministry. Now it is a personal ministry. Surprise: it still costs us something to keep the site on the internet!


My cost for a year's worth of webhosting + domain name registration, with all discounts applied, is about $9.00 a month. If just 12 people are impressed to provide funding for a month, the blessing of the site's ministry can is made available to many.

We recommend that members of the Seventh-day Adventist church be faithful in tithes and offerings through your local church. We do not solicit or knowingly accept tithe.

Video Workstation

We are seeking funds for a new video workstation. Alternatively, you could buy the product and ship it to us (new shipping address coming to this space in just a few weeks!). Any amount will help. However, we are looking to purchase a new Dell Precision 7540 Worskstation (New 15") with at least 64G of RAM. The unit costs around $3500. (I believe I may be able to get $1000 from another source so only about $2500 is still needed).

If you would like to make a free will offering to, make all checks payable to Larry Kirkpatrick and send to:

Larry Kirkpatrick
PO Box 214
Twin Lake, MI 49457

Again, GCO is not a non-profit ministry, your gifts are taxable and there will be no receipts.