Larry Kirkpatrick

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The following are sermons:

SOGI and Religious Liberty


Let me introduce a new acronym for some of you: SOGI. This stands for Sexual Orientation and Gender Issues. Say it after me--SOGI!

What do SOGI issues have to do with Religious Liberty? More than you might think. When there are different moralities vying for the support of the state and when the state is the de facto arbiter of law and reality, there are going to be problems.


From the Beginning it was not So


The passage we start at today is about an understandably dark topic: divorce. And, that is a very important topic for Christians to address. But we look at this passage more for another idea today, and we want to consider it at least briefly. Let's capture the flow of Jesus' speech. We'll spot it. The message today is NOT primarily, even secondarily, about divorce.