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NAD, Earned Trust, and Annual Council 2018

Trust is earned. Distrust can arise from many sources, among them distrust rooted in specific concrete actions. Looking across the internetscape, what I think I see is a great disconnect for many church leaders in North America. They simply don't understand why such a broad cross-section of NAD membership distrusts them.

I would like to offer a few constructive and positive suggestions for how North American Division leadership can take steps to earn trust all over again.



All our Righteousnesses, part 2


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The Lost Virtue of Humility

We live in an advanced age. We have our screens, our conveniences, [we are] very wise, very special. Christianity is so old, so pale, so uninteresting. We are located in a culture in which civility has fallen to the ground before our eyes. We don't need Jesus or His archaic, pestilential religion.

So some think. But Jesus possesses many things of which we are destitute. Jesus has virtues many can't even list, let alone have the mastery of.