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Gracelink--Origins and Issues


Many years ago we published three articles and some other bits concerning a sabbath school resources that was new at the time, called Gracelink. for those interested, I am including here those old resources as I have been able to recover them. Most of the links are deceased. Wayback machine might help too. If anyone finds better or more complete versions of this information, send me copies. -LK

GraceLink: Origins and Ideologies

Does GraceLink add depth to our end-time Adventist message, or does its historic development reveal an attempt to rewrite Adventist theology and indoctrinate our youth with a counterfeit Adventism?

Larry Kirkpatrick. 25 October 2001

Perusing the official GraceLink website, one discovers this audacious claim: "You can trust GraceLink to give the Adventist v...