Larry Kirkpatrick

A Positive Place on the Web for the Third Angel's Message

Secure Communication


As we approach the endtimes, we should be wise about our communications, exercising the caution mentioned in Proverbs 22:3. You might think it is going to be very difficult to use, but the things I am recmmending are very easy to use, trivial even, and the benefits are remarkable.


To that end, I strongly recommend the use of the Signal messaging and phone app, which encrypts messages right on your phone so that between yourself and the recipient, no one can read it. Why should you trust it? Its source software is open, so anyone can check the code, and also, it is recommended by former NSA/CIA sysadmin Edward Snowden, who knows something about tracking and privacy. Here are links to how-to tutorials, although you will ifnd that this is a very easy applicatio...