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He is Risen!


"And taking the twelve, he said to them, 'See, we are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written about the Son of Man by the prophets will be accomplished. For he will be delivered over to the Gentiles and will be mocked and shamefully treated and spit upon. And after flogging him, they will kill him, and on the third day he will rise.' But they understood none of these things. This saying was hidden from them, and they did not grasp what was said" (Luke 18:31-34 ESV).


Believe His Prophets (2013)


Very recently, we invested several weeks walking line-by-line through the moving story of Ruth. Today we turn to other urgent ideas. These are of such moment that, if we receive them, they change our whole approach to what we believe. Where you start very largely determines where you end.


Lessons from Ruth, part 4



And now, at last, we complete our series on Ruth with part 4. The last point we recall from the previous scene was Naomi telling Ruth that Boaz will not rest until he has completed the matter. And it is true. We'll see now, as we read the text, the next day, Boaz rises, goes and sits in the gate, waiting for the redeemer who one notch closer than he is to show up. We don't know how long he is there, but it could have been for some time. Listen now to verses 1-12:




We are going to look briefly at two Psalms. Compare these. Both, through the inspired Psalmist, state the thoughts of God. First, Psalm 93 ESV:


Lessons from Ruth, part 3


We have entered into a study of the four chapter book of Ruth, and accomplished already the first half of the story. Elimelech and Naomi leave Bethlehem in the famine and go to live in Moab with their two sons. Tragedy comes when Elimelech dies. The two young sons take Moabite wives, but tragedy strikes again. Both sons also die. Three widows, Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth remain.


Rightly Dividing the Word, part 4: Scripture and the Emerging Church


kirkpatrick-sm2013-handout4.pdf (A basic look at the Emerging Church, focusing especially on Scripture)

If there are two ideas that don't go together, they are the two in this presentation's title: "Scripture," and the "Emerging Church." But our first need is to get a grip on what the Emerging Church is. In the latter portion of this presentation we will focus especially on "Scripture and the Emerging Church."


Rightly Dividing the Word, part 2: Opposing the Historical-critical and Embracing the Historical-grammatical Method


What Is and Is Not Bible Study?

We have significantly lost something which we must recover, or else fail in the Heaven-assigned mission we have embarked upon. It is very important that we understand what is and is not actual Bible study.