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The Last Hours of Jesus 1: Garden Prayer


Today we begin a series of messages focusing on the last hours of Jesus. It is a question where to begin such a presentation but we’ll begin on the basis of Jesus’ aloneness. When Jesus and the disciples left the upper room, they went out to the garden of Gethsemane and this was when Jesus began to be more alone so we will start with that.

These events in the last hours of Jesus are especially recorded in the Bible in each of the four gospels:


The Arrow that Flies by Day


Visible threats to God’s remnant church and to the purposes of Jesus

God’s love is unchanging but how quickly the world is changing. The time in which we live has been characterized as liquid modernity, a period in which change is so rapid that social institutions have no time to solidify. These changes are impacting the mission of the church. Evil is a science and Satan is doing his utmost to practice his science upon your mind. Perhaps you recall this warning:


Still Blind After All These Years


Let My People Go

“Let My people Go!”(Exodus 5:1) Thus thundered Moses to Pharaoh. In a period of severe famine the Hebrew peoples had gone down into Egypt. There they had multiplied until the Egyptians felt threatened. In due course, the Egyptians enslaved them. Centuries passed. Their values were changing but from the spiritually alive among them their cry went up. God heard and sent a deliverer. Through Moses He confronted Pharaoh. The people were freed and a mighty deliverance was wrought.


You Shall Be


It was an important moment in the early church. There they were, assembled together in a room, more than 100 believers. Jesus—the resurrected Jesus was present.

Jesus loves being present with His people. What did He say? “Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst of them” (Matthew18:20). In our time He is present with gathered believers through the Holy Spirit. Understand what I am saying; Jesus is present here, now, with us.


A Nation of Cowards


I did an image search on to see what image comes up the most frequently when you search for cowardice. No particular image seemed to come up more than any other, but one came up near the top of the list that was helpful.

The Tank Man

It is a Chinese man standing in front of a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square.


5 Reasons Jesus is Coming Soon


Jesus is coming again. The Bible foretells His return physically, visibly, audibly, personally. Everyone will hear His arrival; everyone will see it. None living have experienced anything like it.

There will be a complete change. Everyone will be affected. Something that can’t be explained by science is about to happen. A moment will come when God will act, the page will be turned, every person will be weighed in heaven’s moral balances. It will be pass/fail time. No more sliding, no notes from your teacher, your doctor, your parents, no more excuses, do-overs, or forgiveness. Everything will be measured and settled for eternity.


God's Answer to Spiritual Dehydration


They say your body can be in need of water without your realizing it. That is, you can be physically dehydrated and not know it. The same can be true for the church. People might think they have the Holy Spirit, but do they? Or, if they do, can they have more? We pray for the Holy Spirit. What is it?

The Holy Spirit is a person, one of the three persons of the one God. The Holy Spirit comes and lives inside the believer at the believer’s invitation. He gives us the power we need to be overcomers through Jesus. He gives us clarity of thought, discernment, an ability to understand what we should do in the times of intensity just ahead.