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5 Reasons Jesus is Coming Soon


Jesus is coming again. The Bible foretells His return physically, visibly, audibly, personally. Everyone will hear His arrival; everyone will see it. None living have experienced anything like it.

There will be a complete change. Everyone will be affected. Something that can’t be explained by science is about to happen. A moment will come when God will act, the page will be turned, every person will be weighed in heaven’s moral balances. It will be pass/fail time. No more sliding, no notes from your teacher, your doctor, your parents, no more excuses, do-overs, or forgiveness. Everything will be measured and settled for eternity.


God's Answer to Spiritual Dehydration


They say your body can be in need of water without your realizing it. That is, you can be physically dehydrated and not know it. The same can be true for the church. People might think they have the Holy Spirit, but do they? Or, if they do, can they have more? We pray for the Holy Spirit. What is it?

The Holy Spirit is a person, one of the three persons of the one God. The Holy Spirit comes and lives inside the believer at the believer’s invitation. He gives us the power we need to be overcomers through Jesus. He gives us clarity of thought, discernment, an ability to understand what we should do in the times of intensity just ahead.


Come Lord Jesus 5: Heppenstall vs. Andreasen on the Atonement


What is the Atonement?

What is the Atonement? When Adam and Eve were created they were at peace with Him. But they sinned. Then God reached out and provided a means of reconciliation--a means of atonement. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible tells the story of the atonement.

After God’s people apostatized from Him, He let down a ladder to make a way of return, providing a means for their sins to be covered--to return again to oneness with Him.


Come Lord Jesus 4: When Lutherans Decided to Improve Luther


How many have heard of Martin Luther?


Philip Melanchthon?

Martin Chemnitz?

In the book The Great Controversy, Ellen White wrote,


Come Lord Jesus 3: The Crossward Puzzle


Jesus’ death for us on the cross stands at the center of Christianity. He is the word made flesh. He is God come into His creation, hated and tortured, made sin and sacrificed for His creation. He, in return, is received by whosoever in His creation is willing to receive Him, loved by those in His creation choosing love. We look to Him on the cross; we look crossward, to better understand His love for us.


Come Lord Jesus 2: Can Fallen Men Not Sin?


What a Question!

Jesus and the disciples are walking through Jerusalem. They see a man, a blind beggar. None are surprised. They were used to his asking alms; born blind, that was his space. The disciples ask Jesus, “who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

What a question!


Come Lord Jesus 1: Still Here After All These Years. Why?


The University Christian Movement, with offices at Interchurch Center, New York City, voted itself out of existence in 1968. On their door was posted this sign: “Gone out of business--didn’t know what our business was.” God has assigned a vital mission to His church: to be Elijah the prophet, to be John the Baptist, to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Jesus. This assignment was given us in the 1840s. We are still here.